I’ve been working on the last of my knitting requests. And boy I’m just not inspired….

I’m three inches done of 15 total. But this project is black (not my fav color), not my favorite yarn, and it’s keeping me from my Aeon vest. I dearly love my friend so I’m going to keep plugging along. This is why I don’t knit for craft fairs anymore or for other people much. I do best when I work on something that captures my mood rather than a to-do list. 

Does this mean I’m growing as a fiber artist or just that I have project ADD? 😜

Happy Knitting!

1 thought on “Slogging

  1. It means you are more intend with your knitting and want to spend your knitting time on worthy items. But thankfully you are aware sometimes there are worthy people, so you set aside your wants to accommodate theirs. Good luck on finishing. I so identify with your dilemma, it’s exactly how I feel about requests. I am happy to oblige, but only if I pick the yarn, pattern, and timing!

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