8 thoughts on “A WIP Problem

  1. This problem looks contained to me. Perhaps you should perform a test of discipline to keep it from expanding. It works quite simply, you finish one before you start another…. However, don’t forget you need car knitting, tv knitting, the husband and kids are away and I’ve already napped knitting, Knitting club knitting and after dinner knitting(which can double as tv knitting), and knitting you want to share with friends, right? I think I currently have at least three projects going…probably more, if you count all stages in progress and not just those I’m actively working on;-)

  2. I always figure an excessive amount of works in progress is a sign of my adult attention deficit. I get bored doing the same project for a long time, so switching from one to another keeps me engaged longer. It is also more challenging to keep switching around. Whatever the reason as long as we eventually finish things what does it matter?

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