Son Of A Swatch

You know how I thought my swatch for the Aeon vest was weird? Well it is, it totally is!

This puppy was knit on US 9s because I’m a complete imbecile. The 6 was really an upside down 9 and my mommy brain couldn’t process it. Son of a swatch! I’ve now secured the requisite US 6 needles in Hiya Hiya 32 inch bamboo fixed circulars. I’ve also ripped out the above swatch. I’m hoping the swatch on the correct needles with the less slippery bamboo will do the trick.

I just have one more question….is it wine o’clock?

7 thoughts on “Son Of A Swatch

  1. Oh no! I’ve absolutely done this and I never ever swatch (because I’m either stupid or a daredevil???) so my endgame is always a mess. Glad you figured it out now. And, yes, it’s wine-o’clock somewhere, right?! 😉

  2. That’s funny (altho not) but I’ve done it as well. I hate swatching but to have swatched with the wrong needles? I would probably have posted a picture of this stabbed through the heart with those #9’s!

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