Mandrake Vanilla Socks

I currently only have my Active Vanilla Socks on the needles. And that is just not enough!

  I pulled the Mandrake color way from String Theory Colorworks from my box of fingering weight yarn. This is a skein from my 2016 sock experiment and it’s a MCN. Gotta love merino/cashmere/nylon! I’ve divided the skein in half as close as I could while still being able to start with the same colored stripe. As an aside The dyer is fabulous and listed the stripe progression on the label for you!

These will be toe up vanilla socks quite perfect for my purse knitting vacancy. I’m not sure what kind of heel I’ll do yet. The sock will speak to me soon enough! The husband and I had a date night to Hail! Ceasar and I got some serious knitting in. How gorgeous are these stripes!?

And for anyone keeping score my husband hated the movie and likes the socks. I however thought the movie was amusing and I’m not sold on the purple stripe.

Happy Knitting!

11 thoughts on “Mandrake Vanilla Socks

  1. Lovely socks, I enjoyed the movie and I feel like it was very much in the Coen brothers style, I perfer Burn After Reading. Overall it was a fun way to spend a few hours. As for the purple stripe I wonder if it is because it’s a bit more solid looking than the green, so that combined with the more solid yellow it seems a bit off? None the less hooray for socks.

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