Cashmere For The Win

First up, Happy Valentines Day to all!!

I had one more project finished just in under the deadline for the #dcspigskinparty2015….my Cashmere Vanilla socks are done!

These are just a pair of toe up vanilla socks with afterthought heel in Dream in Color smooshy. My Ravelry details are here. I’m counting this towards my 2016 sock experiment even though I’ve had this yarn in my stash for a while because this is a new to me yarn.

I quite loved knitting these because well cashmere, duh! The fabric is just perfect for petting. The one thing I noticed was that the color/dye rubbed off on my fingers. I started noticing dark stains on my fingers but it took awhile to associate those with my knitting. It washed off fine and I made sure to citric acid soak these socks and the leftover yarn. Better safe than sorry!

 The socks didn’t quite come out with as much negative ease as my other 68 stitch socks but they fit nonetheless. Maybe the glorious nature of the cashmere relaxed my tension, lol. I adore these socks for the softness alone! 

Happy Knitting!!

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