WIP Wednesday: PB’s Sporty Cardigan #2

Well even after my greatest attempt to screw this up, I made it through the raglan increases on PB’s second Sporty Cardigan.

With this second attempt I didn’t even count my stitches in the various sections when I divided for the sleeves. I just put all the stitches between the markers on holders and figured I can fudge any extra or missing stitches later. I’m the boss remember?  The Knit Picks Comfy sport is definitely a little rounder yarn than the Frabjous Fibers sport. But honestly I don’t care, this will be cute a sheep’s nose regardless!

I’ve started striping in the Frabjous Fibers yarns. I plan to knit the body to pattern and then add the button bands. The sleeves….well they will be determined by how yarn I have left in what colors, lol. But this should be a great satisfying “use up most of the yarn” kind of sweater!

Happy Knitting!!

WIP and FO Object Wednesday: Appi Slopes #2

My friend squealed over the sight of my first Appi Slopes hat. And the pattern is quite addicting, so I cast on another. It just flew off the needles!

Project: Appi Slopes (#2) by Melissa Mall


Needles: US 4

Yarn: Knit Picks Comfy Sport in Duchess Heather

I used 196.8 yards or 60 grams. That is just about 1.2 of the teeny skeins.


I did one mod this time. With all the trouble I had with seeing the brim closed last time, I elected to knit the brim together before moving to the stockinette section. My Rav notes on this are here.

It worked okay….but the plastic brim made it hard to knit around the first few rows and my stitches at the join are wonky looking. BUT….it’s very stretchy and flexible. I’m calling this one a draw.


(Sorry about the photos…it’s dark too fast this time of year. So I took these in my guest bath because it has the best light I can manage in the house)

This was #4 for 2014 Stashbustin’

Happy knitting!!