All The Advents

In the chaos of December I completely forgot to share my advent calendars. That’s right I splurged on more than one….no regrets.

First up was the Chromatic Yarns 2021 advent calendar. I felt quite creative when I pressed Jellybean’s remote school calendar into use for holding my daily packages!

Also from the UK is the Bird and Blend Tea advent calendar. This was a first for me. I ended up enjoying most days but for sure some the teas were not in my wheelhouse. I would do this one again because it made my stretch my boundaries.

Last up was the Queen City Yarn Home Alone inspired advent calendar. This was an advent my husband got for me in June as an anniversary present. The packing was on point and the mini skeins made a beautiful fade.

When I get my sh*t together and recover from Christmas I will share the actual yarn, lol.

Happy Knitting!!

4 thoughts on “All The Advents

  1. Just had to thank you for my morning smiles/giggles … Love your comment “when I get my s**t
    together…. thank you for being real. OH, by the way, I’m trying to get my own “s**t” together .. lol.

  2. Can’t wait to see the yarns!
    When my son was in kindergarten (he’s 38 now), an acquaintance picked him up from school and kept him for about an hour until I got off work. One day she asked me to stay for tea. I like fruity and spicy teas. This one was hibiscus tea. It took me a long time to finish the one cup as it smelled too beautiful to drink. I kept imagining I was drinking perfume.

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