A Little Different FO Friday

We’ve had quite the week here at A Tangled Yarn. Jellybean chose to make his arrival two weeks early. Yep , jellybean is a boy! He is happy and healthy at 7 lbs 10oz, 21 inches, and a full head of blonde/brown hair.

My water broke at 2:30 am and we didn’t get to meet him until 8:54 that evening. Turns out he wasn’t properly positioned and a c-section was necessary. That’s 18 hours plus surgery folks…I’m beat and more than a little sore.


I’m going to be on hiatus for a bit while I heal and get used to this whole breastfeeding mommy thing. I have a few knitty things to share and I hope to sneak in a few therapeutic stitches in as well. So you might see me pop up here and there. But mostly I’m just going to snuggle my little man!


Happy Friday!

Hustle and Bustle

Greetings from the great steamy state of Kansas. Mother Nature has ratcheted up the temps in the last two weeks along with with the humidity! This combined with week 31 of pregnancy has tested my ability to do most everything. But I digress….

I’m still making progress on jellybean’s blanket…


I’m in the fourth or fifth row? Nearing the end where I must decide on an edging techniques. Only 60 some days to jellybean’s arrival!!!

My schedule is packed for the next month or so. Four small baby showers, 8 gallon bags of tomatoes to can, baby room decor to complete, apples to pick, gobs of doctors appointments, and finally one last hurrah of a barbecue at our house before Jellybean takes over.

I may be insane but I promise to keep you updated!!

Happy Thursday!!

Vacation At Last

The hubs and I are hitting the road shortly to take a little vacation/baby-moon. Nothing fancy, just a trip to see old friends and their adorable family. Looking forward to putting my feet up and gabbing with old friends. Not to mention a little time away from my big girl day job. I’ll fill you in when we get back.

Suitcases are in the car. I’ve packed a cooler of fresh garden veggie goodness from the family garden and I plan to cook a spectacular old fashioned family meal as a thank you for their hospitality. Now I just need to settle on what knitting to pack…..

Anyone else have exciting summer plans?


Baby Blanket Update

Jellybean’s blanket is slowly making progress. At the last update I’d almost completed two rows. My recent sock addiction has bitten into the time I’ve spent on this project. According to my pregnancy app I’ve only got 100 days or so to get this wrapped up. I’m onto the third row as we speak.

I can sit and make 1 and 1/2 hexagons an evening. So I really just to buckle down and finish this so Jellybean has something to curl up in, lol. I think six rows should make an adequate baby blanket. That makes me just under halfway…I hope….


Halfway There!

I’m officially past 20 weeks of pregnancy! Can I get a woot woot?20140524-140810-50890380.jpg

I’m normally not a “post a public photo of my baby bump” person. Just a personal preference I guess. But since this is a milestone I thought I’d share one of me and my most comfy/cute work outfits.

I’m still having a lot of symptoms: nausea, dizziness, sleeplessness, headaches. And the anti-emetic I was taking was only minimally helping not mention causing additional and unpleasant side affects. I had had enough. I couldn’t even eat an evening meal without becoming ill for Pete’s sake! Not to worry, both baby and mom are very healthy despite the symptoms. Just a very grumpy and uncomfortable mommy! (I shouldn’t be shocked as all the women on my mom’s side have very healthy but very not fun pregnancies)

So after putting my foot down with my OBGYN, I was given a new medication to try that causes pronounced drowsiness but not the unpleasantness of my original medication. HUGE IMPROVEMENT….I only take it at night. But I can make it through the following day without much discomfort AND I have been eating dinner again!

20140524-140810-50890686.jpgI couldn’t help but share this photo. Chloe likes to snuggle the baby bump at night. We settle down on the couch and she falls asleep on my belly. Oh boy, I hope Jellybean doesn’t mind snoring because boy howdy is Chloe loud when she sleeps! I have been feeling Jellybean move around a bit. I CANNOT wait until he/she kicks Chloe through the belly while she is snoozig. Would serve Chloe right!!

Happy Thursday!!


Good Friends Are Hard To Find

I have the best friends in the world. I haven’t had the most symptom free pregnancy thus far. And to be honest it is exhausting and frustrating. But I got the most amazing pick me up the other day. Check out the awesome care package I got from a dear friend from college:








I HIGHLY recommend this gift for any pregnant lady in your life. It’s sweet and yet practical and I would guarantee it to make their day!

Have you ever done anything cool for an expectant mom or couple? I’d love to hear about other neat ideas!

Big Changes

I have alluded several times to some medical issues over the past couple of months. And not to worry….they are for a good reason! I’m proud to announce that the Hubby and I are having a baby!!

We are over the moon excited and due sometime early to mid October. As of today I’m around 12-13 weeks and moving into the second trimester! It’s been sooo hard to keep this a secret!!!

That being said…..I’ve been MISERABLY sick since about week four. My mother’s side has a history of hyperemesis gravidarum. This condition was highlighted famously last year by Duchess Catherine or Princess Kate, whichever you prefer. While I didn’t have to be hospitalized I did have a steep learning curve to finding ways to cope with the debilitating symptoms. I’ll spare you the gory details but around week two of symptoms I asked my Hubby if he was okay with only one child, lol. It has since become more manageable.

I am currently taking an anti-emetic medicine, eating a very high fiber and high protein diet, a B-6/Unisom combo for bed time nausea, I drink enough water to fill a swimming pool every day, and take a gummy prenatal vitamin because they are easier on the tummy. I eat almost no sugar, no caffeine at all, very little fried food, and eat 5-6 smalls meals a day instead of 3 large ones. I seriously feel like a gastric bypass patient. But most days it works for me. And the plus side that is all this morning sickness (or all day sickness) means a healthy baby, or so I’m told.

I still have a lot of symptoms but I can at least manage to make it through work. I’m hoping this tapers off in the second trimester. But my own mother had symptoms for her entire pregnancy. I’m praying that I don’t have to do the same….

I’m BONE TIRED most days and sleep 8-9 hours every night. I have had little energy to knit or anything fun. I can barely make sure the house has groceries and the laundry gets done once or twice a week. A big apology to my husband for all the sandwiches and chicken nuggets on the menu lately. Seriously, he’s been such a trooper and takes great care of me!

I can’t wait to start our nursery and pulling out all my baby hand knits I’ve been storing up over the years! Not to mention feeling better some day! Stay tuned for updates on our little Jellybean! (I don’t know want to find out the sex so I picked a gender neutral monicker lol)