WIP Wednesday: Jellybean’s Hexi-ghan

I only thought I was done….


My blanket for jellybean is just slightly off of a square. I know it will stretch some when washed and blocked. But I really want more of a long rectangle.

Argh, that means at least one more row right when I thought I was done. Must knit faster… Only 5 weeks to go!

Happy Knitting!!!

Baby Blanket Update

Jellybean’s blanket is slowly making progress. At the last update I’d almost completed two rows. My recent sock addiction has bitten into the time I’ve spent on this project. According to my pregnancy app I’ve only got 100 days or so to get this wrapped up. I’m onto the third row as we speak.

I can sit and make 1 and 1/2 hexagons an evening. So I really just to buckle down and finish this so Jellybean has something to curl up in, lol. I think six rows should make an adequate baby blanket. That makes me just under halfway…I hope….