Bring On Vacation!

A hearty happy Monday to all! No knitting content today as I’m running around the house preparing for our first family vacation in two years. Sooooo much to remember to do when you are taking littles. So I’ve decided to take the week off from blogging and unplug a little.

I already have way more knitting projects packed in my bag than I need for the length of time we will be gone. So I hope to have some good content when I come back, lol.

I wish everyone a restful and happy week!


Getting A Little Dust On Our Boots

Restrictions here in Kansas are easing despite our cases of COVID still rising. I have opted for my family to err on the side of caution so we are largely doing the same routines we did during Shelter in Place. However, my kids and I really needed to shake things up so we decided to do that carefully. We loaded up the van and spend a quiet weekend at my parents house as a “vacation”.

We opted not to interact with other extended family or public spaces. We played in the yard and around the house with lots of trips around town in my dad’s golf cart to get some wind in our hair and dust on our boots (or bare feet in Jellybean’s case).

One evening we stopped to say hey to the local high school’s chickens. They are definitely missing their kids! We rolled up to their “coup” after they had been put up for the night to protect them from predators. They came RUNNING to us. So the kids and I talked to them and threw in some fresh grass and chicken feed. It was quiet and simple and a nice way to spend time as a family.

Note: These chickens are most certainly well cared for despite schools being closed since March. They are fed, watered and set to graze daily by the ag teacher and her family. They even collect the eggs and hand out to local families in need. No animals were harmed in the making of this blog post 🙂

Socks On Vacation

I lost my every loving mind and decided it was a good idea to load up my small children, husband and mother and take a weekend vacation. Jellybean had one wish….to sleep in a hotel. So we planned a simple weekend where my mom could attend a quilt show and the rest of us could play at Science City in Union Station in Kansas City and then we would all have a nice stay in a hotel.

Y’all, it was chaos and no one got any sleep in an unfamiliar place. But all reports say that everyone had a good time. PB up and finally decided to fully commit to walking! We had two adjoining rooms with the second having a balcony. After a FULL day running around Saturday I snuck out on to the patio with Dad’s 2019 Christmas Socks and put on a few rounds after the kids went to sleep.

The Kansas humidity made the wool a little sticky in my hands. But you can’t argue with the sunset view!

Happy Knitting!!

Up The Leg

My Vacation Vanilla Socks saw a little more progress thanks to a trip to IKEA. Jellybean got a big boy twin bed that doubles as a tent/secret hideout. God bless the swedes….here’s hoping we can sleep sometime soon!

I’ve turned the heel and started up the leg. I can’t get enough of these speckles! I had been working from one large cake of yarn. I broke out the scale to weigh the ball and split the yarn into two equal amounts. This way I can maximize the yarn in these socks. Now I’m just going to knit leg and cuff until I run out of yarn.

Don’t you just love the happy triangle that a gusset heel makes!?

Happy Knitting!

Vacation At Last

The hubs and I are hitting the road shortly to take a little vacation/baby-moon. Nothing fancy, just a trip to see old friends and their adorable family. Looking forward to putting my feet up and gabbing with old friends. Not to mention a little time away from my big girl day job. I’ll fill you in when we get back.

Suitcases are in the car. I’ve packed a cooler of fresh garden veggie goodness from the family garden and I plan to cook a spectacular old fashioned family meal as a thank you for their hospitality. Now I just need to settle on what knitting to pack…..

Anyone else have exciting summer plans?


Let Me Reintroduce Myself..

Hello, my name is Rachelle and I’ve been an absentee knitter and blogger….

It’s been over a month since my last post. Between the winter blahs and some less than fun medical issues I decided to go “dark” for awhile. I read a lot of books, took walks with my pups, worked on some home organization, and lots and lots of time with my beloved husband. I didn’t read any blogs, used my smartphone only when necessary, and barely picked up my needles at all. I’ll pause for your gasps of horror, lol.

Oh my, was it soooo needed! I had seriously lost my mojo for almost everything. It’s not quite all the way back yet. But I am getting there. I think my priorities have shifted a little. (My home is certainly cleaner for it.) And now I have a better idea of what I want to accomplish in 2014. Have you ever taken a step back to rearrange yourself or searched for a new balance? I highly encourage it in this fast paced digital world!

Stay tuned…this is going to get exciting!

A Place of Beauty and Peace

While in NW Arkansas we had the opportunity to walk through the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art in Bentonville. This gem of a museum is nestled in between lush AR foothills and is a sight to behold. There are rooms and rooms of art inside and miles and miles of hiking trails outside.

The art was great of course but I was most struck by the landscaping and architecture. I caught myself thinking “I would love to sit and knit here” every time we got to a new section of the complex.

Here are some photos I snapped, enjoy!



(This is a statue btw)



Best of all…all this was FREE! Totally worth checking out if you are ever in Bentonville, AR!!!

Vacation Update #2

It’s Saturday morning and I have two days left….sigh. Sad to see it go so fast. But at least I made good progress on my list!

1. Visit my best friend who also just bought a new house and is expecting her first baby later this year. Had an amazing day with my bestie and her house is GORGEOUS. P.S. she loved the blanket.

2. Visit my college friends who had a baby 2 months ago and whom I have not yet visited (I’m a terrible friend) Baby S was adorable and I got to feed him his nighttime bottle 🙂

3. Start Stashbustin #15 and work at least two color stripes. This project is started but barely. I want to enjoy this one so I’m taking my time.

4. Finish my Snug baby sweater (Stashbustin’ #16). I have about 12 inches of work done but I got a couple of commission peices this week that had to take priority.

5. Finish my Mud Season #2 sweater (Stashbustin’ #17) Done and posted here!

6. Walk 2 miles a day with the puppies. We walked a little over a mile every other day. I’m calling this one a win.

7. Get back to my regular Mon/Wed/Sat classes at the Gym….I really miss my fitness ladies. I managed Monday, Wednesday, AND Saturday, woot!

8. Start the set up of my craft room….my very own craft room!!! Done see blog post here!

I’m a bit OCD and like lists. They keep me focused and organized. Not to mention help me get a TON done. Do you prefer lists or to fly by the seat of your pants?

Vacation Update

On I’m on day four of vacation and thought I’d share an update of my “to-do” list:

1. Visit my best friend who also just bought a new house and is expecting her first baby later this year. Headed to see them tonight!

2. Visit my college friends who had a baby 2 months ago and whom I have not yet visited (I’m a terrible friend) Headed to spend today with her as soon as I get done blogging!! I’m super pumped but I have an hour and half drive in front of me….

3. Start Stashbustin #15 and work at least two color stripes. Not started yet.

4. Finish my Snug baby sweater (Stashbustin’ #16). Project is cast on but I only have 2 inches of completed work.

5. Finish my Mud Season #2 sweater (Stashbustin’ #17) Project is already off the needles, washed, and blocking as we speak!! So excited. This Mud Season turned out way better than the first. I should have photos by the end of the week 🙂

6. Walk 2 miles a day with the puppies. I figured out pretty quickly that the pups are not ready for 2 miles a day. So far now we are alternating walking 1 to 1/2 miles on even days and going to the local park for free play on the odd days. I’ll whip the pups into shape in no time! I have an app on my iPhone that is really helping me keep track of my workouts.

7. Get back to my regular Mon/Wed/Sat classes at the Gym….I really miss my fitness ladies. I did half a class on Saturday and the whole class on Monday. Don’t quite have my stamina back but it feels nice to be working out again.

8. Start the set up of my craft room….my very own craft room!!! (I don’t have all the necessary storage devices as we are bit tight in our budget and can’t afford them yet. But I need to do some cleaning and sorting before I get to putting away anyway) This is a big project and I’m still formulating a plan. To show you what I’m dealing with…I’ll show you photos of the “before”. Not all the boxes pictured are craft stuff. This room kinda became the dumping ground as we setup the rest of the house.







I have my work cut out for me. But that’s a project for Wednesday or Thursday. I’m off to spend the day with my best friend from high school.

Happy Tuesday.