My Life in A Nutshell

Life has been a wee bit crazy lately.  It’s almost Christmas (I’m totally not prepared and I’m freaking out), it’s nearing year end for this accountant and since we met our medical deductible all the people in my house are seeing ALL THE DOCTORS FOR EVERYTHING WHILE ITS FREE.

This is all to lead me to a snap chat I sent to a dear friend from high school last week. The photo pretty much sums up my life right now:

  • Nursing and/or pumping breast milk for an insatiable 6 month old
  • Spending hours driving or waiting in my mom van
  • Knitting away on simple things in a few stolen moments in time here and there

I’d like to say I’m balancing everything. But pretty much I’m just hanging on for dear life and making sure no one is hungry or naked. Anything after that is icing on the cake.

P.S. Having a 4 year old boy….the not naked thing is REALLY hard some days. Why does he hate pants so much?? It’s winter IN KANSAS….its cold!!

Happy Knitting!

Let Me Reintroduce Myself..

Hello, my name is Rachelle and I’ve been an absentee knitter and blogger….

It’s been over a month since my last post. Between the winter blahs and some less than fun medical issues I decided to go “dark” for awhile. I read a lot of books, took walks with my pups, worked on some home organization, and lots and lots of time with my beloved husband. I didn’t read any blogs, used my smartphone only when necessary, and barely picked up my needles at all. I’ll pause for your gasps of horror, lol.

Oh my, was it soooo needed! I had seriously lost my mojo for almost everything. It’s not quite all the way back yet. But I am getting there. I think my priorities have shifted a little. (My home is certainly cleaner for it.) And now I have a better idea of what I want to accomplish in 2014. Have you ever taken a step back to rearrange yourself or searched for a new balance? I highly encourage it in this fast paced digital world!

Stay tuned…this is going to get exciting!

A New Balance

As most of you have noticed….I’m a pretty voracious knitter. I have a perpetual case of “KNIT ALL THE THINGS” coupled with occasional start-itis. This bodes well for me as a blogger. But this can become at odds with the rest of my life.

Recently I have found my stress level too high and my health too low. It has gotten so bad I haven’t knit anything IN DAYS! I literally lost my knitting mojo along with my mojo for pretty much everything else. So in the efforts I’m looking for a new balance. I’m striving to find a dietary mix that better suits my body, I am trying to get my butt off the couch and moving a little more, and not put so much pressure on my knitting/blogging.

What does this mean for you dear readers? Well I might not be so diligent about posting every day. Never fear, my blog isn’t going anywhere and neither am I. I just need to take my speed down a notch or seven. So you will continue to see my original posts as I have them and I hope to give some shout outs on my ‘off’ days to some other awesome bloggers and posts for your viewing pleasure.

Thank you for your patience and I hope you stick around!