Vacation Update

On I’m on day four of vacation and thought I’d share an update of my “to-do” list:

1. Visit my best friend who also just bought a new house and is expecting her first baby later this year. Headed to see them tonight!

2. Visit my college friends who had a baby 2 months ago and whom I have not yet visited (I’m a terrible friend) Headed to spend today with her as soon as I get done blogging!! I’m super pumped but I have an hour and half drive in front of me….

3. Start Stashbustin #15 and work at least two color stripes. Not started yet.

4. Finish my Snug baby sweater (Stashbustin’ #16). Project is cast on but I only have 2 inches of completed work.

5. Finish my Mud Season #2 sweater (Stashbustin’ #17) Project is already off the needles, washed, and blocking as we speak!! So excited. This Mud Season turned out way better than the first. I should have photos by the end of the week 🙂

6. Walk 2 miles a day with the puppies. I figured out pretty quickly that the pups are not ready for 2 miles a day. So far now we are alternating walking 1 to 1/2 miles on even days and going to the local park for free play on the odd days. I’ll whip the pups into shape in no time! I have an app on my iPhone that is really helping me keep track of my workouts.

7. Get back to my regular Mon/Wed/Sat classes at the Gym….I really miss my fitness ladies. I did half a class on Saturday and the whole class on Monday. Don’t quite have my stamina back but it feels nice to be working out again.

8. Start the set up of my craft room….my very own craft room!!! (I don’t have all the necessary storage devices as we are bit tight in our budget and can’t afford them yet. But I need to do some cleaning and sorting before I get to putting away anyway) This is a big project and I’m still formulating a plan. To show you what I’m dealing with…I’ll show you photos of the “before”. Not all the boxes pictured are craft stuff. This room kinda became the dumping ground as we setup the rest of the house.







I have my work cut out for me. But that’s a project for Wednesday or Thursday. I’m off to spend the day with my best friend from high school.

Happy Tuesday.

4 thoughts on “Vacation Update

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