Picture Day!!!

Some of my most recent FOs got a good bath this past weekend and the husband helped me take some photos of them in the beautiful May sunshine.

First up, my Stylish Square Blanket or Stashbustin’ #13







This blanket was delivered to it’s new home yesterday. This golden treasure now belongs to my bestie from high school and her baby due later this year. I went to see her new home and couldn’t go empty handed. And what better to take to a new mom-to-be than a snuggly baby blanket?! She loved it of course and I can’t wait to meet my newest neice or nephew!


Next up my chocolate Mud Season or Stashbustin’ #14







I gave this sweater a spin on Monday as I ran errands. I threw a tank on underneath and it was perfect as the temp only made it to the mid 70s. I got a few compliments on it and I can’t wait to wear it again. But as the temps are getting into the 80s and 90s….I may have to wait until fall.

Happy Wednesday to all! I’m off to continue my battle of organizing my craft room. Wish me luck, lol

4 thoughts on “Picture Day!!!

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