Vacation Update #2

It’s Saturday morning and I have two days left….sigh. Sad to see it go so fast. But at least I made good progress on my list!

1. Visit my best friend who also just bought a new house and is expecting her first baby later this year. Had an amazing day with my bestie and her house is GORGEOUS. P.S. she loved the blanket.

2. Visit my college friends who had a baby 2 months ago and whom I have not yet visited (I’m a terrible friend) Baby S was adorable and I got to feed him his nighttime bottle 🙂

3. Start Stashbustin #15 and work at least two color stripes. This project is started but barely. I want to enjoy this one so I’m taking my time.

4. Finish my Snug baby sweater (Stashbustin’ #16). I have about 12 inches of work done but I got a couple of commission peices this week that had to take priority.

5. Finish my Mud Season #2 sweater (Stashbustin’ #17) Done and posted here!

6. Walk 2 miles a day with the puppies. We walked a little over a mile every other day. I’m calling this one a win.

7. Get back to my regular Mon/Wed/Sat classes at the Gym….I really miss my fitness ladies. I managed Monday, Wednesday, AND Saturday, woot!

8. Start the set up of my craft room….my very own craft room!!! Done see blog post here!

I’m a bit OCD and like lists. They keep me focused and organized. Not to mention help me get a TON done. Do you prefer lists or to fly by the seat of your pants?

2 thoughts on “Vacation Update #2

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