My Back Hurts

Y’all….I did a thing. I almost single handedly moved 4 tons of landscaping rock. I definitely way over ordered from the quary but my neighbors were delighted to take about one ton of it for their fire pit area.

Now the hubs did help me here and there but I can proudly say this was my baby. I finished the big bed pictured above, our rose garden and the driveway lining. Everything is now cohesive and hopefully weed free at least for a little while. And boy is my back sore!

I’m already scheming on how to jazz up the large bed. I’m thinking a standing planter for seasonal flowers that can stand high sun and maybe a hanging bird feeder. PB REALLY likes to watch and talk to birds lately. I think it would be neat to have a feeder out the dining room window she could watch.

A Place of Beauty and Peace

While in NW Arkansas we had the opportunity to walk through the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art in Bentonville. This gem of a museum is nestled in between lush AR foothills and is a sight to behold. There are rooms and rooms of art inside and miles and miles of hiking trails outside.

The art was great of course but I was most struck by the landscaping and architecture. I caught myself thinking “I would love to sit and knit here” every time we got to a new section of the complex.

Here are some photos I snapped, enjoy!



(This is a statue btw)



Best of all…all this was FREE! Totally worth checking out if you are ever in Bentonville, AR!!!