Organization Is A Beautiful Thing

When life feels too crazy my default response is color coding and organization in all the things. I recently started back to work and taking PB with me. It’s bananas you guys. It totally works but it’s a whole new world. PB and I are both still figuring it out.

So I needed a new planner because my old one ended in July while I was on maternity leave. I use a paper planner to keep notes and log my work flow in order to know where I am on short term and long term projects. It’s old school and I know my phone can do the same but I like having the book in my hands. So thanks to some late night wine fueled Amazon shopping I have a brand spanking new planner and lovely erasable frixion markers to color code my life into submission.


Disclaimer – This organization does not in fact actually help the chaos but it sure does look pretty and make me feel just a teensy bit more on top of things. Your mileage may vary.

7 thoughts on “Organization Is A Beautiful Thing

  1. I also love planners and notebooks. I just bought sticky note index tabs to put on some of my notebook pages to mark where I wrote out pattern details… now I have to get me some Frixion markers!!

  2. Very nice! Something about this time of year makes me want new office supplies and journal goodness, maybe because it was always late August when I’d need to get school supplies and so looked forward to clean notebooks, fresh pens and pencils with unbroken tips or darkened erasers. I am big into planners, pens, stationery, clips, label stickers, and all thing related to looking or feeling organized, whether or not that’s the reality! I know the frixion pens are great but the ink can disappear when exposed to heat (like in a hot car or left in the sun). I’ve heard the markers you have are a bit less prone to that. Maybe I need to look into the markers as a splurge or Christmas present to myself -that’s how I got the pens, with a gift card plus coupon early this year. Do you bullet journal, too, or have you tried it? I do some combo of bullet journal, plus regular calendar/planner, plus keep appointments in my phone otherwise I’d miss something important. Big thumbs up to getting and trying to stay on top of it all! 😀

    • Thanks for the tip about the heat! I may test that out just for curiosity sake, I don’t bullet journal. It’s never clicked with me. Mine is more of a master calendar minder with mild work notes keeper.

  3. Ah, colour-coding, the best way to make it look like you know what you’re doing…! I have a mix, paper loose leaf work diary (so I can insert stuff where needed) and colour-coded schedule on my email calendar – and I use the same colours in both 🙂 Good luck with keeping up with work and baby and knitting, and give up on anything unimportant (like dusting). If you can manage it, the best thing I ever did when I had small kids and was working full time was a cleaner 2 hours per week. Absolute sanity saver.

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