Wishing Knitting: A Good Hat Yarn

I have been having a hard time getting a skein of yarn from my stash out of my head these days. I picked up some Lemonade Shop yarn earlier this year. It’s an amazing grey and rainbow combination. It’s delicious……


I want a nice plain project that will really let this yarn shine. I’m thinking about the Sockhead Slouch by Kelly McClure. The trick will be to get the gauge just right so the yarn doesn’t flash or pool and lets the rainbow blips show up like I want. That might mean a couple starts and frogs. I’m not sure how I feel about that….

Does anyone else have any vanilla hats they like for fingering weight yarn?


11 thoughts on “Wishing Knitting: A Good Hat Yarn

  1. Would they sthow up as blips, or as little horizontal rainbow stripes? Because the colors are concentrated in one bit of length, over and over again?

    What if you made a cowl and took advantage of that color concentration via planned pooling? I’m intrigued by the concept of planned pooling, but haven’t played with it yet.

  2. The Sockhead Hat is my absolute favorite for Fingering Weight yarn. I’m on my fourth one and always have one stashed in my SUV for doctor appointments and travel knitting. You could search Ravelry by the yarn name, then color, to see what others have made with this colorway. That would give you a good idea of how it would turn out.

    • I have. One person got the hat I want and the other didn’t. I think I’m going to have to take the plunge and just start knitting. It may take a few tries to get the effect I want

  3. I bought some yarn like that from Chasing Rabbits and worried about the pooling too. I ended up making socks and the color flashed were just perfect! If you don’t like the way it is working up in the hat you can always think about a smaller stitch count like socks…

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