WIP Wednesday: Roller Rink Disco Vanilla Socks

I have a HO! My first Roller Rink Disco vanilla socks is finished!

The yarn is beautiful and the fabric so yummy to the touch! I did my personal standard 68 stitch sock on US 1s. I attended an all day lecture series on Inspirin Women in Leadership. It was a great conference but a lot of sitting and listening. So I whipped out my sock to keep my hands busy and mind clear. I finished the first and cast on the second while there. But I had one niggling problem….

I’m not sure why but my guage is much smaller and the negative ease of this is INSANE! It barely fits and is very snug on my leg. I also have a ton of yarn left. I hemmed and hawed for a day or so before I just plowed on with sock #2.

These are just fated to be Christmas socks for my sister. That’s all there is to it. And I have enough yarn left over to make a shorty sock or yoga sock for myself. Just going with the win-win on this one…

Happy Knitting!!

1 thought on “WIP Wednesday: Roller Rink Disco Vanilla Socks

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