WIP Wednesday: Camo Vanilla Socks

I shared a sneak peek yesterday of my Camo Vanilla socks. They deserve a proper catching up!

I’ve finished the first sock and cast on the second. I’m using Cascade Hertiage sock in a Camo-ish self striping color. This is a 72 stitch toe up vanilla sock with gusset heel. And boy howdy is this thing huge! It’s meant for my dad’s size 13US extra wide foot. I tested it on my husbands size 12 feet so I think I’m in good shape.

The yarn is nice and I’ve used it before for a pair for my husband. It a little thicker than fingering to me so I’m using US2 needles. The first sock felt a little sloggy but now that I’m in the second I can see the end in sight so I’m a little more motivated 😜

It will be nice to check another item off my Christmas to do list! Happy Knitting!!

3 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: Camo Vanilla Socks

  1. Those look great! My problem is that I’m all motivated on the first sock, and by the time I start with the second one, I really have to focus on finishing!

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