2016 By The Numbers

Well, 2016 is in the books. I had a lot of grand plans for the year including the 2016 Sock Yarn Experiment. I think I did pretty well on that front! I made:

  • 18 pairs of socks, 17 adult and 1 baby sized
  • Used 13 new to me yarns (thought not the same ones I set out to use, oh well)
  • Three of those pairs were gift socks!

Given that I got a whole new pile of sock yarn, I plan to continue my sock experiment in 2017.

Let’s look at the overall 2016 numbers shall we?

  • I finished 46 projects blowing my 31 projects from 2015 out of the water.
  • I frogged four projects from 2015 and sent three into hibernation.
  • I knit my first shawl in 2016

As for the Yarn In versus Yarn Out….well that one was a little rough…

I knit:

  • 19,189.10 yards of yarn
  • 57,567.36 feet of yarn
  • or 10.90 miles of yarn
  • I used 67.48 skeins of yarn

I purchased or brought in:

  • 23,272.10 yards of yarn
  • 69,816.30 feet of yarn
  • or 13.22 miles of yarn
  • I added 91.96 skeins of yarn

That leaves me 4,083 yards, 12,249 feet, 2.32 miles or 24.48 skeins in the hole for 2016. Whoops! I really want to try to better next year. So I’m going to gear up for 2017, finish some WIPs and work from stash. Yeah, we will see how that goes…

Happy Knitting!!

5 thoughts on “2016 By The Numbers

  1. Congrats! I “Almost” envy you all those meetings…then again, I’d be sitting there drawing quilt blocks and wishing I’d remembered my knitting, but yes, I’d rather be knitting or sewing….we are likely quite willing to help with the yarn in vs. yarn out problem, but you seem to have a plan forming it appears;-)

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