Taming The Queue

My name is Rachelle…and I’m a queue junkie. In the past I have thrown every pattern that caught me eye into my Ravelry queue. I had 12 pages at the beginning of 2016. This summer I culled that list to 6 pages based on my current aesthetic and knitting mojo. It was still daunting to me. Then the Ravelry code geniuses moved the Wish List feature to Favorites and it hit me…I need to use my Favorites better.

I spent far too many hours that I will admit to analyzing my queue. I moved anything that wasn’t lighting an immediate fire in me from queue to favorites. And I added the paid for patterns to my wish list. Then I took the patterns still in my queue and tried to match them up with stash. Boy that was hard! I even going to take it another step farther and goback through my queue and moved anything not matched up yarn into my favorites.

It made me make hard decision but I feel less overwhelmed now. I know I can go to my queue when I need a project and pull a pattern already matched with yarn. And if that doesn’t tickle my fancy I can peruse my favorites for inspiration. I’m hoping this helps me better utilize yarns I already own.

Am I OCD organization crazy, or do other knitters do this??

20 thoughts on “Taming The Queue

  1. I recently cleared out my queue, as well. I was doing something that defies logic: I’d add all the things I liked to my queue thinking I’d make them in the future and then I’d forget I had the queue and, when it came time to actually start a project already in my queue I’d add the project and details from scratch instead of going to the queue and pressing the “cast on” or “hook it” button. I realized about a month ago I was doing this when I was looking at patterns and tried to add it to my queue and Ravelry very wisely informed me it was already in my queue. I then noticed, oh, I also already owned the pattern.

  2. I try not to look at the patterns as I’m trying to keep to one or two WIP and if I get tempted (though my Rav faves is full) I will just start a new project.

  3. When I see something on Ravelry that I like, I favorite it. Then, I look at my queue and my stash simultaneously. I take what I really love from favorites, pair it up with an in stash yarn, and then it can go in my queue. And I remove the pattern from favorites. So, basically, nothing goes in my queue that I do not have the yarn in my home to create. In the past, I never used the queue at all, but then I’d flit from favorite to favorite, buying up new yarn, and knitting items. It wasn’t good for working from stash or trying to get my stash under control. I like the new way better, I’ve been using the queue for about a year now. It’s been very effective. My yarn purchasing is now relegated to stuff like obligatory knitting or baby knitting that I may not have stash on hand for, and gets knit immediately. This, of course, means I had to really update my stash, but once it was done, I bought less yarn so my stash stayed updated.

  4. I use my queue for when I know I am about to cast on within the week, so it’s kept very tidy. However, two items I really really want to start knitting have been on the queue for over a year (or more, if I’m being honest). Maybe I need to be (even more) honest with myself, those patterns just aren’t going to happen.

  5. Good idea. I don’t have much on my revelry site. I still haven’t really gotten into it. But I have been going through my emails and putting what needs saving into folders and yes dealing with digital clutter is a big part of removing clutter. Good for you!

  6. I think you’ve hit on a skill all knitters need to learn. I don’t have an overwhelming queue yet…oh, wait, yes I do….but I don’t have that skill of organizing stuff….I may have to follow your lead…and see what I can work out…or perhaps I should put a projects list of “planned” projects up there…or update my works in progress;-).

  7. I’ve always kept a short queue because I know how easily distracted I am! That being said, I have many, many favorites, both patterns and yarn, and I love using bundles to help me group favorites. This feature is especially helpful when I am trying to decide on a pattern for a particular yarn in my stash and need to see several designs side by side. (You could also do a search and use the remember and compare feature but I don’t believe you can remember and compare more than one set of patterns at once)

  8. When I’m done de-cluttering my house and making it beautiful, then I just might think about my queue. But, honestly? It’s not hurting anything to have a long queue – unless you really use it, which I rarely do. I did go through and mercilessly delete things a few years back when I was in the mood to sit and do that, but it’s not a priority. De-cluttering the house? I need to make that an urgent priority – might get it done. Now I have some knitting I want to do…….. 🙂

  9. I used to do what you did with the queue – but I have not yet gone the way of the wish list – I think that is a great idea, and I will do that one of these days. 🙂

  10. I didn’t match yarn to my queue but I now have mine narrowed down to patterns that I own or intend to knit it the near future.

  11. These are great ideas! I’ve been meaning to find a way to use my queue and favorites in a more useful way on Ravelry and you (and your commenters) have just given me some great ideas. Thanks for posting about this!

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