Trouble With Summer Morning

My Summer Morning Triangle Shawl has had a few speed bumps. I cast on and followed as the pattern indicated. It requires increasing on both the knit and the purl side with yarn overs. I had a great deal of trouble maintaining even tension and yarn over holes. I literally cast on three times during a Jellybean nap-time before I got the product shown below:

It was curling like crazy and even with slipping the first stitch of a row and painstakingly making sure my yarn overs were even…..I hated it. So to the frog pond it went. And I decided to improvise on the pattern. It’s a free one that doesn’t appear to be tech edited so I didn’t feel bad. And I got a result I liked much better.

This version has a three stitch garter border on the edges and uses lifted make one right and make one left increases. It takes some brain power to make sure I’m doing the correct M1R and M1L on the purl side but other than than that I’m pleased!

I can’t wait to watch the colors progress! Happy Knitting!!

5 thoughts on “Trouble With Summer Morning

  1. I like your version much better! It’s nice when we have enough knitting experience to expand on someone else ideas to make something that makes us happier.

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