Needle Upgrade

My mitred square blanket has been getting a lot of love. And that has come with a downside….

My clover needles from Joann’s have deformed. The soft bamboo just can’t stand up to the gauge I’m knitting at and the double decreases in the squares. See how the left one needle has a divet? And neither has a sharp tip anymore. It’s become increasingly hard to knit. So I did some research and secured some new needles!

These are Knitters Pride Karbonz 16 inch size 1 US needles. Nice and light but with sharp metal tips. I can’t wait to get cracking on some new squares with these!

Happy Knitting!!

8 thoughts on “Needle Upgrade

  1. I can’t help it, I drooled at those needles! I love sharp tips on my needles, and the bamboo ones get dull gradually and you don’t notice until you find yourself swearing at tiny stitches.

  2. I think you will love those! I use the knit picks dreamz now, and I do wear out the wood. it’s kind of amazing. πŸ™‚ I still love addis for my metal needles, though. I might need to try these Karbonz.

  3. I didn’t get these, I purchased Chiaogoo’s for the socks I was working on, after breaking the knit picks pair three times in one pattern. I loved the difference! I knit better and faster, though not more perfect and felt much more comfortable using the good needles! They have been worth every penny, and I’m not wondering how long it will be until they break;-)

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  5. For years I knit with bamboo exclusively. Then I got some knitpicks rainbows – a horrible decision because they sometimes split at the tip and/or break in half, and my experience with knitpicks service was awful.
    Then I won a pair of addi-turbo lace knitting needles at an open house. What a difference those
    pointy tips make! ❀ I'm knitting with one of my old pairs of bamboo again because, well, I couldn't find the size I needed, and it's not as easy to do those lace stitches. I'm going to slowly replace all of my wood or bamboo needles with metal. Makes knitting more fun πŸ™‚

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