Losing At Yarn Chicken

Happy New Years Eve Everyone! While 2019 has been interesting and some high points I’m not sad to see it go. And I’m ready to see what adventures 2020 brings!

I’m still obsessed with my Sherwood Forest Wrap. It’s all I want to knit since Christmas…even with my new shawl cast on from Christmas Eve! I did sit and enjoy casting on the Arya Shawl. But once I got it established I switched back to my wrap. I guess the knitting heart wants what the knitting heart wants!

Anyway, back to the main plot point! I lost at yarn chicken. My willy-nilly changing of the pattern repeats did in fact come back to haunt me. So over my lunch hour I had to rip back to my last eyelet section. I very carefully threaded in some waste yarn and pulled the live stitches off the needles.

Then painstakingly picked up and put all 200 stitches back on the needles from the lifeline. I only missed like three stitches with my waste yarn so I’m considering that a job well done considering how dark this yarn is!

And now I’m back to all good stitches on the needles. The pattern would call for another stockinette section after the eyelets but I don’t have enough yarn. So I’m just going straight to the garter border.

I am just positively giddy with how gorgeous this looks. I’m not even sure if or how I will be able to wear this. But the gradient and the colors just make me happy. If I play my new years day cards right I might be able to finish and block this!

Happy Knitting!!

5 thoughts on “Losing At Yarn Chicken

  1. It came out beautiful! Your description of ripping back and successfully installing an after-the-fact lifeline is inspiring and gives me the bit of courage I’ve been needing to get a lace shawl project back into my WIPs.

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