I Need To Level Up My Biscuits

The kids requested biscuits and jelly with dinner this week. Now, normally as a working mom I grab a can of Pillsbury from the store and go to town. My kids eat them just fine. But I got a wild hair to make my own. I got out my trusty Betty Crocker cookbook and made Supreme Biscuits. They are kind of a mashup of baking powder biscuits and buttermilk biscuits.

They turned out fine and the flavor was good. But I really need to level up my biscuit skills. I forgot to put the cream of tartar in and I definitely rolled the dough to thin. My biscuits came out pretty short because of those two factors. I did manage to keep the butter cold and not overwork the dough so they were soft and flaky.

I’m kind of in carbohydrate phase right now and I think I may fire up another batch for some chicken and biscuits or biscuits and gravy…..yum! What is your favorite way to have biscuits?

9 thoughts on “I Need To Level Up My Biscuits

    • Less tea, more chocolate covered me. Mmmm choccy biccys!
      This kind of biscuit looks more like a scone, but even a scone would need some jam and cream!
      You may have to explain these a bit more for us clueless Brits!

      • A biscuit in America is basically a vehicle for jam/jelly, gravies of various sorts or to serve as the “bun” for breakfast style sandwiches. It’s a quick bread that is usually leavened by baking powder.

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