All The Yard Work

Happy May Day!!

Today I will regale you with my yard work adventures from last weekend. We have a large landscaping bed off the south side of our house. It’s out of sight and out of mind and long neglected. Well, bring on a global pandemic and I decided I needed to be outside and away from kids! The area looked like this to start.

I raked, scooped, shoveled and pulled weeds for a solid three hours. The bed at one point had a wooden mulch layer but I scooped that out as well, no thank you termites! I managed to get down to a pretty nice even dirt layer. I did use a quick spray of weed and grass killer to discourage new growth. My next plan is to call a local quarry and get some rock delivered. I want nay NEED low maintenance ground cover. I do plan to roll out and stake down some weed barrier before the rocks.

I could barely move my arms and legs the next day (or two) because I moved a metric poop ton of debris! I filled two trash bins and five large yard bags with junk. I probably should have left the sanitation workers a tip…

Anyone else out there sprucing up their yarns or gardens in this time of #stayhome?

4 thoughts on “All The Yard Work

  1. We’ve dug out and planted up 3 out of our 4 long-neglected veg boxes. Only one of them has seen any growing use in nearly 4 years of living here. My parents sent the boys (and their cousins) an Easter vegetable growing challenge, so they have one small box each, and me and hubby have the larger one. We are still planning to dig out the fourth box too and plant more veg in that. It’s nice to see things looking tidier and hopefully being productive!

  2. Waiting for the rain to stop. Aching to get outside. Fortunately, the ground will be nice and soft for weed pulling. You did a great job. I like creeping flox and pachysandra for ground covers. They are not invasive, and easy to transplant to other locations.

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