Yarn Mystery Box

I have been listening to the Nomad Yarns podcast for a couple of years now. It is a married couple who ran a yarn shop turned into yarn truck as well as dye independent label yarn. They have small children and pretty much speak my life. In this time of cancelled events and social distancing they advertised mystery boxes. You pick your price level and give them some suggestions of colors, weights of yarn, etc and they put together a surprise.

You guys….this was so worth it! It was a happy mail day indeed. My box was bursting at the seams and full of goodies!

I received two skeins of West Yorkshire Spinners Aire Valley DK in a nice blue, a skein of Nomad Yarn Twisted Branch sock yarn, a custom needle gauge, two mini skeins of Nomad Yarns Pallete, a set of Carbonyz Size 2 double pointed needles, a set of Knitters Pride stitch markers, and some waste yarn.

I loved everything in my box and it was neat to not know what I was getting. I have zero idea what to do with any of this and my stash is already at SABLE but this was a good investment. I supported a small business and I got to have the joy of new to me goodies.

Would you every order a mystery box?

9 thoughts on “Yarn Mystery Box

  1. What a great idea! I am definitely going to order one. I subscribe to a Farm to Table service and I get a giant delivery of local produce and dairy every Saturday. It is like Christmas. I never know what is in the box and I have so much fun planning meals.

  2. Your box looks like so much happiness in one place. I’m glad it worked out positively for you!
    I ordered a few mystery boxes to treat myself from Melody’s Makings a couple years ago; they were nice and worked well for me. I often think about trying other shops’ mysteries, but lately it’s more about set yarn for a specific pattern, (such as a We Are Knitters kit, eg.) because my brain does better with set limits in the uncertain times we’re currently in.

  3. That’s a lovely idea and I’m glad you love everything that came in the mystery box. I’m always nervous with complete surprises, but did enjoy when I was signed up for World of Wool’s Fibre Box and it felt like Christmas opening them. But then they sent me too much orange and I cancelled it! Plus I have enough fibre to felt to the moon and back hahaha.

  4. I am so delighted to see that you have found Nomad Yarns! They are my LYS, and I’ve been enjoying them for a number of years now. Erica and Dave are a delight, and come up with some fantastic yarns of their own. I hope you enjoy the goodies you received!!!

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