Warming Up My Crochet Muscles

After my craft project purge, I found the inspiration to keep picking up this long languishing blanket project.

I am having to warm up my crochet muscles a bit. This is super bulky yarn and a big hook so I have to take breaks to avoid soreness and injury. But so far I have crocheted through the first skein of Bernat Blanket and I’m starting the second.

I’m having a little trouble maintaining good edges. One side is okay and the other is a bit wonky. But I’m going to keep moving forward and it will be blanket-like in the end. I have no recipient in mind, I’m just enjoying getting this yarn out of my stash and having a “new to me” project to work on.

Happy Crafting!!

7 thoughts on “Warming Up My Crochet Muscles

    • I have crocheted 5 big blankets since October. I use bernat blanket yarn. I use the J or k hook. I just ordered 8 more skeins so I can do another one. I have arthritis in my thumbs it hurts but gives them exercise. I do a seashell stitch on all of my blankets.

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  2. I’ve made so many blankets with the Bernat yarn I’ve lost track. Everyone I’ve made blankets for loves them. I have 2 pending pick up right now. I give them to family members mostly. I also put the scallop edge on mine, just snazzes them up a bit. Happy crocheting everyone.

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