Knitting Through Challenge

I did something this week I had never done before. I presented on an accounting topic for a virtual conference put on by a state wide governmental association. I have a theatre background so I never really mind talking to large groups. But this time I was saying my own words instead of someone else’s. I prepared, I took notes, I cleaned a corner of my dining room so as to look like a professional even thought my house is a disaster….and I brought knitting to be used out of Zoom frame. (P.S. That blue box is FULL of yarny stuff and made the perfect laptop stand, lol.)

I knit on my Knit Sky socks while the other presenters spoke. We had WAY too much material for a 60 minute Zoom so we had to rush at the end. But it was a really good step for my career and way to get my face out there. And the audience seemed receptive and I was the panelist, out of three, to get a question. We will get survey scores at the end of the month to rate our performance. I’m not sure I WANT to know the feedback but I feel like it will be good to tweak my approach for any future knitting.

My knitting kept me calm and focused on the process, which was nice. And I think I knit about an inch of sock tube in a 60 minute span. So all in all, it was a good day for my career and a good day for knitting!!

Happy Knitting!!

5 thoughts on “Knitting Through Challenge

  1. Good for you! My husband, also a CPA, attends many of these seminars and symposiums. He is always impressed when someone can take on the topic of accounting and make it interesting.

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