A Blanket Stalled

I have crocheted my way through all the ancient Knit Picks Biggo yarn I have in my stash while working on my Peace Blanket. I had cast on 90 stitches which might have been too many. I have a very long and skinny blanket now.

I am really enjoying the colors and working on this blanket. But now I am stalled because this piece isn’t really servicable as is. So I may (ooops) have made a Cyber Monday Knit picks order to get another couple of skeins to add to either side of each blue to expand the blanket.

But for now this project goes into hibernation until my Knit Picks box can meander its way from the east coast to my door. I think I may need to cast on another blanket to keep me tided over until my yarn arrives….

Happy Crocheting!

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