Yarny Advent

I jumped on the advent calendar this year again. This time I tried AGirlAndHerWool that I found on Etsy. I opted for 24 ten gram mini skeins and full skein for day 25.

I don’t always remember to open every day between the chaos of school, working remote and trying to do “holiday related” fun things for my kiddos. But below is an example of the first five days that I have opened.

I am really digging the colors and tones of this calendar. They aren’t a fade or a rainbow but rather colors that all kind of coordinate and blend. I don’t have a plan for these for a specific project. Beings as they are 10 gram minis, they might just go eventually into my sock yarn memory blanket as they are perfect size.

But for right now they are doing the perfect job of bolstering my flagging Christmas spirit. What are you doing to pick yourself up in this strange holiday season?

3 thoughts on “Yarny Advent

  1. I’ve watched about 12 hours of Christmas cheesy movies today to get myself into the Christmas spirit and knit today’s advent row of my shawl and cast on a new project but my Christmas spirit is still a no show. Your advent is lovely colours.

  2. What a fun advent calendar! I put my Christmas jumper on last night for a Zoom ukelele practice (all Christmas songs) and that felt good. Those cheesy films are a bit of a guilty pleasure!

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