Attempting To Chain Ply

Here I am jumping both feet in to my first ever attempt at chain ply. I have my Tequila Sunrise Singles all rested up and in my homemade lazy kate (aka box with knitting needle poked through). And I clearly have no idea what I’m doing…but that is what the internet is for!

I watched roughly 10 videos on chain plying a three ply and just jumped right in. I started with my all yellow singles and moved to the orange/yellow next and finally added the pink. My hands understood the motion pretty well but my feet wanted to add a lot of twist. This may end up being a very ropey yarn. But my brain was happy being challenged with new movements and new skills.

For now, I have the finished yarn resting on a bobbin and when I have the gumption, I will wash and whack it to se what I ended up with.

Happy Spinning!

4 thoughts on “Attempting To Chain Ply

  1. Is chain plying the same as Navajo plying? I really got a lot of twist into my yarn while I was learning it and what helped me was my instructor (Maggie Casey of Shuttles, Spindles and Skeins) saying… you can stop peddling, you know. What a concept!! I was so overwhelmed learning all the new movements it was like my feet were disconnected from my brain. Anyway, I think that your yarn looks great!! I’m spinning a variegated roving right now and I’m kind of considering doing Navajo plying to keep the colors from getting all muddy in the yarn.

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