Whoops…Might Be Over Spun

Hello, I am a new spinner and my yarn certainly shows!

I wound off my Tequila Sunrise chain ply skein and boy howdy is it over spun. After consulting some spinning books and the interwebs I am going to do two things. First, run this back through my wheel to relax some of over spinning. And second, wash this bad boy after that and give it a thorough whacking.

I will still probably end up with a twisty ropey yarn. But hey, this is how I learn. Maybe I’ll knit some extra thick trivets for my kitchen? I have zero idea at this point about how thick this yarn is or what my yardage will be. That is a question for another day!

Happy Spinning!!

5 thoughts on “Whoops…Might Be Over Spun

  1. To my eyes it looks like you MAY have plied in the same direction you spun the singles. Or at least one of the singles. But feel free to disregard if that isn’t the case! The colors are amazing.

      • Yes-congrats on the endeavor! It’ll be a very fun journey. And, there’s nothing wrong with overspun, ropey, or any other weird yarn. In fact, once I learned the basics I also had great fun intentionally trying other techniques to create ropey, overspun, or differently plied yarn! (14 years a spinner now.)

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