All Skeined Up

Today is my birthday! I am celebrating by NOT being at work and treating myself to spa evening at a local spa. I have 60 minute tub soak finished with a 60 minute massage. I COULD NOT BE MORE EXCITED!!

And to celebrate even more I thought I would share my finished handspun skeins I finally got around to counting and skeining. First up is my Blueberry Chick “Tequila Sunrise Experiment”.

I spun the singles on my drop spindle and then chain plied them on my Kiwi 3. But I discovered that because I left months inbetween these steps that I accidently plied in the same direction that I spun. So I got a very “artsy” skein, lol. Oh well, it was fun and I learned something. I got a 20 yard skein that weighed 117 grams so bulky/super bulky for sure.

Next up with my Spinning Class Sample skein. This is just a hodge podge of fiber I used to learn with at spinning class.

This is skein was much more successful and looks like traditional yarn. I wound the singles into a cake and plied from the inside and outside. This skein ended up with roughly 35 yards and 78 grams so a pretty solid bulky weight. It is a mishmash and total barber poled and I LOVE it!

Safe to say I have been successfully bitten by the spinning bug! Happy Spinning!!

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