Super Fine Merino

My wheel was feeling a little lonely without any spinning on it after finishing my batt. So I pulled out another little braid from the fiber club that my hubby got me for Christmas. This one is DELICIOUS! It’s 18.5 micron merino and like BUTTER!

I opened up this braid and split the entire thing in half. I wasn’t overly scientific and just eye balled it. The plan is to spin half the braid onto one bobbin and the other half onto a second. Then I can 2-ply.

This braid is giving me some serious stripes in the singles. The colors are very saturated and I can’t help but think I will some great barber poling in my finished yarn. I am not taking care to line up colors in the singles. I am just letting the fiber do what it wants to do.

Happy Spinning!!

All Skeined Up

Today is my birthday! I am celebrating by NOT being at work and treating myself to spa evening at a local spa. I have 60 minute tub soak finished with a 60 minute massage. I COULD NOT BE MORE EXCITED!!

And to celebrate even more I thought I would share my finished handspun skeins I finally got around to counting and skeining. First up is my Blueberry Chick “Tequila Sunrise Experiment”.

I spun the singles on my drop spindle and then chain plied them on my Kiwi 3. But I discovered that because I left months inbetween these steps that I accidently plied in the same direction that I spun. So I got a very “artsy” skein, lol. Oh well, it was fun and I learned something. I got a 20 yard skein that weighed 117 grams so bulky/super bulky for sure.

Next up with my Spinning Class Sample skein. This is just a hodge podge of fiber I used to learn with at spinning class.

This is skein was much more successful and looks like traditional yarn. I wound the singles into a cake and plied from the inside and outside. This skein ended up with roughly 35 yards and 78 grams so a pretty solid bulky weight. It is a mishmash and total barber poled and I LOVE it!

Safe to say I have been successfully bitten by the spinning bug! Happy Spinning!!

A Little Calorimetry in My Life

Happy Presidents Day!

I work at a financial institution which means I get the day off! So I say MORE KNITTING!! I have been petting the skein of hand spun superwash BFL I picked up awhile back.

And then it hit me, I had just shy of enough yards for a Calorimetry by Kathrn Shoendorf.

How can you not want to knit something like this when the author is this excited? (Photo credit to © Kathryn Schoendorf and the Calorimetry Rav page)

So off I go in search of my US 8 straight bamboo needles. I seriously haven’t used straights in AGES! But all my other 8s are tied up with baby sweaters so I gotta do what I gotta do! I’ll also need to make a couple of mods to the pattern length or width to make sure I have enough yarn but I’m a big girl I think I can handle it!

P.S. This will be 2014 Stashbustin’ #10 for those keeping track.

Happy Knitting!!

A Foray Into Handspun

I may or may not have purchased some hand spun from the Topeka Twister yesterday….oh who I am kidding, of course I did!! This is really my first foray into hand spun yarn created by a fiber artist. I’m excited, here are my purchases:



I’m thinking a headband for this. Maybe Calirometry by Kathryn Schoendorf?



And for this wonderful skein, I’m thinking socks? It is a bit scratchy but I think a good bath with a lanolin based wool wash will soften it up a bit!

Happy Knitting!