Collecting Project Bags

I can’t help it…I’m a collector. Just like my mother even though I will never admit that to her. And since I consider myself a knitter with a capital K some of my most recent collecting revolves around project bags. Do I need more? No. Do I want to expand my collection….you bet.

My most recent addition is from Bags by Jojo of the Cozy UP Knits podcast fame. Jodi is the mother of four knitters (and a knitter herself) and I enjoy their weekly podcast. I have been seeing them show of these bags for some time and I finally broke down and shopped the last update.

They use spoonflower to make custom fabric around their brand/family. So I picked up a medium zip bag in the Cozy Up Knits fabric and a small sock bag with drawstring in the Jojo fabric print.

They are sewn quite well and lined beautifully. I was drawn to the purples and blues because those are my happy colors. I haven’t decided what projects to put in these bags yet but I have added them to my collection!

Happy Knitting!!

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