Setting Myself Up For Success

I decided to set myself up for success for my third and last pair of 2020 Advent Socks by splitting the minis in half and then winding them in order into little sock balls.

After some travails on my second sock where I didn’t get the mini skeins split into half in a super even manner….I decided to be really serious about these last ones. I opened each mini and found each end. I then paired them and wound them across the room until I got to the middle of the yarn. I would then break the yarn and start winding to small balls. I repeat for the next color and spit sliced the ends together.

Oh, and I made sure to start with last mini and wind to where I wanted to start. Feeling proud that I remembered how hand wound yarn works, lol.

Now I just need the mojo to really get these cast on! Happy Knitting!!

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