FO Friday: Handspun Hat

One last finish for New Year’s Eve! My Handspun Hat is completed and has had a nice bath. It is probably the thickest and warmest hat I have ever knit.

Pattern: My own made up beanie hat

Yarn: My own handspun

Needles: US 8s

Ravelry details are here.

I had to finagle the decrease a little bit as I didn’t plan that far ahead when I decided to use 72 stitch count for the hat. They didn’t turn over too badly and were less pointy than I had feared.

In trying to maximize the usage of my handspun skein, I ended up with a very slouchy hat. I will likely wear this with the brim rolled up. The bulky yarn made a really substantial fabric and this thing should WARM.

Now I need to plan my next handspun knitting project! Happy Knitting!!

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