Cherry Harvest!

My family’s cherry tree did SUPER well this year. The cousins had their fill of eating off the tree, my dad got two full pies and I ended up with a gallon of fresh ripe fruit. They are just soooo pretty!

I don’t really have the time to make pie or jam right this minute so I decided to wash, pit and measure out the fruit so that I can deposit all this into the freezer for another day.

Each bag contains 4 cups (and a little) of pitted fruit. I may make one pie and one batch of jam? For now these can cool their heels in the freezer until I have the time and brain space to deal with this.

Happy Summer!!

3 thoughts on “Cherry Harvest!

  1. Your killing me!!! We didn’t get any cherries this year due to a strong freeze in April. So no sour cherry jam this year or cherry pies. Fortunately we still have a few jars of cherry jam from last year.

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