Hallelujah, I Finally Have A LYS!!!

Hallelujah and Praise the fiber gods!! My happy hamlet of Topeka, KS has officially opened a LYS!

I introduce to you….Yak ‘n Yarn!

They are all about knitting, crochet, spinning, weaving, and so much more! I have been following their Facebook page and their Grand Opening at the end of March. They are going to even offer classes and Knit Nights! My inner knitting nerd is doing back flips! They have sort of odd hours right now so I sadly haven’t been able to get in there and explore the store. I am definitely going remedy that soon!

What is your favorite part of having a LYS near you?

9 thoughts on “Hallelujah, I Finally Have A LYS!!!

  1. YAY!!!! having an LYS is great because of the people… I go knit or crochet at mine every sunday night and there’s always the same core group of people plus some new ones. It’s nice to get away from the distractions and just knit (or crochet) too.

  2. I used to buy my yarn in a big department store with a pretty good yarn area or online until I realized that there is an adorable LYS just 10 minutes by bike from where I live. Having a LYS is just nice because it is so much more personal than online shopping or department stores. And they know what they are selling and can help you choose the right yarn and sell you the right amount. Mine even organised some more yarn for me for a project that I didn’t buy enough yarn for and that they had run out of yarn for.

  3. I love being able to touch/see the yarn in person especially when it comes to finding something new. I’ve also been able to get quick help with some techniques/stitches. I hope that when my kiddos are a bit older I will be able to go to knit nights.

  4. I love my LYS but it is about an hour drive away so I don’t get to go often. I love being greeted when I walk in the door and all the samples give tons of inspiration ! Enjoy yours 😀

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