Boppy Madness

Way back when I got my first sewing machine, I taught myself to make Boppy nursing pillows because I thought they made awesome baby gifts. I had to learn how to put in invisible zippers and thanks to my mom….I did!

And now I can crank out these puppies with the best of them. Now I don’t mean to exaggerate my sewing skills by any means. I have a very limited set of skills when it comes to my sewing machine, lol. But I digress, in preparation for Jellybean I made up my own boppy pillow and an assortment of fun covers.

What do you think? Think Jellybean will like them?



10 thoughts on “Boppy Madness

  1. The Boppy is a must-have baby item here. I still use ours with my three-year old–it works great as a soft booster seat for her, smashed under the back rail of a kitchen chair. She uses it as a pillow, too, while watching a movie. I wish I had enough sewing skills to make my own Boppy covers–so chic & fun!!!!

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