FO Friday: Jellybean’s Blanket

It’s done!!


The edging turned out beautifully! It really cleaned up the edge and tied the whole thing together. And I only had to go round the blanket twice, phew!


And for all those interested, the all important stats!

Pattern: Hexa-ghan by verybusymonkey

Yarn: Universal Cotton Supreme Yarn
I used 3.09 skeins/556.2 yards/309 grams of lemon, 2.54 skeins/457.2 yards/254 grams of beige, 3.17 skeins/570.6 yards/317 grams of lime, and 3.09 skeins/556.2 yards/309 grams of teal. That brings the total to 11.89 skeins/2,140.2 yards/1,189 grams of yarn total. I worked a total of 44 hexagons in eight rows!

Needles: US 8 dpns

Mods: I added a single crochet border around the edge to neaten it up and tie the whole project together.


Now it’s washed, dried, folded, and waiting in Jellybean’s crib! I can’t wait πŸ™‚

Happy Knitting!

20 thoughts on “FO Friday: Jellybean’s Blanket

  1. Awesome!! It’s so pretty! It’ll be a treasured heirloom, I’m sure. (I still have an afghan my grandma crocheted for me as a kid and I love it- even with the scratchy polyester yarn and groovy 70s colors. It reminds me of her. )

  2. It’s so lovely, I wish I’d spent more time knitting for my little ones but I was quite obsessed with nappy soaker sand hand spinning back then. Now they are bigger and knitting for them takes so much longer :). Will you breastfeed? (That’s the midwife in me asking & maternal and child health nurse!)

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