OCD Level: Expert

Jellybean took an extra long nap this past weekend so I had a few extra minutes to myself. I felt the need to organize!

That my friends is my entire sock history all neatly laid out in one pile. I took some old business cards and my pile of sock leftovers and went to town. Each card holds several yards of yarn neatly labeled by date, project name, and yarn name. These cards will be stored in a file card box in case of darning or other necessary sock repair. All the rest of my leftovers went into a baggy for a future leftover project. 

Does anyone else keep leftovers for repairs?

11 thoughts on “OCD Level: Expert

  1. I do keep leftovers for repairs. At least, for socks I always do. The funny thing is that I never have needed to repair a sock. My sock repair yarn is in a small, airtight plastic container. In an OCD mess. That means that there is order in the chaos.

  2. I keep leftovers, but I have yet to organize. That is an excellent idea. I have several cross stitch floss cardboard bobbins I could use to organize mine. Thanks for the brilliant idea!

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