Instagram is dangerous territory…it’s a minefield of beautiful yarn and projects. And I was enabled last week. Mintrain put out a coupon for a snow day discount on their Instagram feed. Before I knew it I was in their Etsy shop and this hopped in my basket…

It’s a sport weight sock yarn in 80/20 merino nylon blend. It’s sooooo pretty and it arrived in my mailbox already!

I definitely didn’t need more sock yarn. And I’ve splurged on a t-shirt and project bags lately. But I’m not sorry. When Jellybean was tiny we didn’t have the funds nor did I have the time to do fun projects. So now that our budget has room and I have the time I’m going to do what I want/can. Because a time will come when my belt will tighten and I will be glad for a well curated stash!

Happy Knitting!!

8 thoughts on “Enabled

  1. Love it! It was ON SALE. Guilt free shopping! Extra value: hours of entertainment, something warm to wear when it’s done. See? Yarn is a good investment and even better when it’s discounted.

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