A Wonderful Surprise

Hello, my name is Rachelle and I’m a podcast junkie. One my favorites is the KnitCircus podcast with Jaala and Amy. They are hilarious, knowledgable, and just all around nice people. They recently  held a giveaway and I thought what the hey I’m going to enter. And I won! This pretty showed up in my mailbox.

 It is Sakkie from Plymouth Yarn company. It’s a 40% merino, 40% mohair, and 20% nylon blend. It’s BABY BUTT soft! It’s the most glorious blend of muted pinks and peaches with a bit of purple brown. My photos do not do it justice but when you live with grabby toddler hands, well you just make do.
 For now I don’t have plans for this yarn. I’m just going to tuck this baby safely in my stash and then bring it out to pet it once in awhile. Did I mention it was soft?

Happy Knitting!

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