Oops…More Yarn

My sister was here to help with Jellybean during my tonsillectomy recovery. While she was here she wanted me to pick out my birthday present so of course I chose yarn!

I knew I needed some more Knit Picks mighty stitch to finish my Might Rainbow Blanket since I stole yarn to make the Jayne Hat. So I threw those skeins in there and my sister helped me pick birthday yarn!

We settled on something new to me…Hawthorne Sport Multi! We chose Vancouver, Happy Valley, and Buckman.

One of these skeins will be socks for her. I’ve fallen in love with sport weight socks because they are so warm and they knit up crazy fast. I have so much on my needles they will have to marinade in stash for awhile. I’m okay with that, having stash is not a bad thing ☺️

Happy Knitting!!

6 thoughts on “Oops…More Yarn

  1. Pretty! I love how they’re named for areas around Portland/Vancouver. I have one skein of Hawthorne (a street in Portland) Sport; I was knitting my sock with it when I met Bruce Springsteen! He held it for our picture, and called me a dangerous woman. Sport weight socks are quick!

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