Merry Christmas To Me!

I sent Santa a wishlist this year. All I really wanted was yarn but my family doesn’t speak yarn. So I sent a list with web links. Santa did good…

Santa and the family hit my wishlist hard at the Loopy Ewe and I might have squealed out loud! I have Abstract Fiber, Into The Whirled, Berry Colorful Yarnings, and Fibernymph Dyeworks. I died and went to yarn fume heaven.

I hope you and yours had a safe and magical Christmas! Happy Knitting!!

9 thoughts on “Merry Christmas To Me!

  1. I don’t celebrate Christmas, so I can’t relate to family not giving what I’d like without making a list. You sure got some beautiful yarn though. They look like fun colors to work with.☺

  2. I’m squeeing for you…I make my boyfriend speak yarn, at the yarn shop with the local owner…the rest of them, I offer hints for ways to store it and hope they know me, if not my yarn preferences;-)….They know me;-).

  3. That’s nicely variegated yarn. Are you going to try the deliberate pooling techniques that produce such interesting plaid designs? The pink might be especially interesting.

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