Project Planning

Mothers Day is right around the corner! While at the Mid-Plains Fiber Fair I picked up yarn for a specific project….my mothers day cast one!

Ravelry got me the other day. I saw the Nangou shawl by Melanie Berg and fell HARD. It’s a two color shawl worked mostly in garter. I needed at least 520 yards of main color and 100 yards of contrast. And I boy did I find what I needed! I have 800+ yards of the Hansen Hand Dyes and the normal 400 yard skein of the T&H Fiber Works.

I’m stupidly excited for Mother’s Day to get here so I can cast this on. I’ve already loaded the project bag with the yarn, pattern and needles. I still have to cake the yarn but I’m going to pet the pretties for just a little while longer before I do that.

Does anyone else do a Mother’s Day Cast On out there?


8 thoughts on “Project Planning

    • Thank you! It’s something Danie and Susie of the Prairie Girls Knit and Spin podcast started. On Mothers Day they set aside time just for knitting to cast on something special and just for them. They also take a photo of the project with their kids for posterity. It’s just their way of acknowledging moms need a little self care and special knitting once in awhile. I like the idea so I have joined in!

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