Yarn In The Rocky Mountains: Part 2

While toodling around Colorado Springs with my mom I found Ewe and Me a delightful shop full of color. Guys, this place was YARN HEAVEN. They had a larger store with a fantastic selection of yarn, two adorable shop dogs, and just two of the nicest owners you can hope for. I was totally high on yarn fumes.

I was fairly restrained though. I found another unique local dyer in Andromeda Yarn. As far as I can tell they only have an instagram account. But oh my I fell hard for this speckled delight! The color is called Settle My Nerves.

I even had the shop owner wind it right then and there. And I cast on some vanilla socks that night for movie theater knitting. The hubby took me to Despicable Me 3. I am so in love with the speckle trend!

I also picked up some work horse yarn for a pair of socks for my sister. It’s the Rainbow color in the Cascade Heritage Prints line.

This stop was so delightful I will make sure to get back here whenever I’m out in the Springs!

11 thoughts on “Yarn In The Rocky Mountains: Part 2

  1. I love the color on both of the yarns! I did a search for the speckled yarn and couldn’t find anything online. I’ll have to keep it in mind for the future. Maybe the dyer only dyes for this shop? It’s absolutely gorgeous and I would love to see if s/he has any other colors.

  2. Wow, I really like the color of that yarn too! I may need to go down to check out EWE and Me. I was going to skip Yarn Along the Rockies this year, but maybe I should hit a few choice stores…

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