Knitting Slow-Mo

I haven’t been great about posting lately. This isn’t another blog post apologizing….blah blah blah. I promise it’s for a good reason and I’m not sorry, lol.

My knitting mojo ramped up really high in September and then took a major nose dive in October  when Jellybean expressed interest in potty training. I can’t tell you how excited I am that he’s FINALLY on board now that he’s 3. He’s a big growing boy and we are busting out of pull-ups, lol. I’m seriously buying his clothes in the Boys section now 😢.

So my knitting time has been replaced with potty related books and videos, hours spent in the bathroom helping him work out the logistics and of course cleaning up more accidents than a new puppy….

At the end of the day I’m just pooped out, literally and figuratively, lol. My knitting has slowed considerably and is mostly vanilla stockinette. I still plan to pop in here as much as possible. So don’t abandon me!!

Ps. Any positive thoughts and vibes towards my kid completely milestone would be greatly appreciated. Momma needs a potty trained toddler!!!

Happy Knitting!

14 thoughts on “Knitting Slow-Mo

  1. Take heart! No child enters kindergarten in diapers. For my two sons, I put Cheerios in the toilet as targets; made a game out of a potentially stressful endeavor. When kids are ready, they learn quickly and my sons were both so happy to be “big boys!”

    • Haha I used Fruit Loops! It worked great! We all have ups and downs with knitting, but this is an awesome reason to take a break! Congrats and enjoy! They grow up fast!

  2. Are you kidding? That’s an AWESOME milestone! Don’t feel bad about it. Feel like the proud mama you are!

    Knitting-wise, we all go through ups and downs for a huge variety of reasons. Mine took a dive once simply because my hands hurt way too much to even touch yarn or needles. That’s what I get for knitting too long without taking long breaks to rest.

    You just do what you can, when you can.

  3. eeee! thats so exciting! I remember when my little girl finally got it after a few failed attempts, I was cheering from the rooftops! It was one of those times that made me realise just how much she had grown up! good luck!

  4. Every child learns at his/her own pace. After a couple of unsuccessful days of hit-or-miss, I took my son’s pants off so he was running around half naked. A long shirt and knee socks helped keep him warm. Worked great since he knew he had to go in the potty as there was nothing to absorb the wetness. Keeping the potty close by helped, too.

  5. Congrats! Just getting them to the point where they want to start is a HUGE step. For us (I trained 8) The tricky kids went naked. Two of my boys hated the feeling of trails down their legs, and one loved running around with nothing more than a hat from day one. So, going around without anything to catch the mess helped tons.

  6. Years ago when our children were little my friends put a ping pong ball (table tennis ball) into the toilet for their boss to aim at with the advantage of it floating and hitting it with a wee steam causes it to move! It doesn’t flush away.

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